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Sunday 23 September, 2018, 7:09 am

Awe 3 Days Box Office Collections

Awe 3 Days Box Office Collections
Nani’s first production venture Awe is having a decent run at box office. With theatrical rights valued at 6 Cr, the movie has already recovered 80% of it in the first 3 days and is heading towards a safe zone. Below is the detailed collections of Awe area-wise:

AREA                                  Three Days Worldwide Shares (In Crores)

---------------                    --------------------------------------------

Nizam                                                 1.10

Ceeded                                                0.22

Vizag                                                    0.29

East                                                      0.22

West                                                      0.15

Krishna                                                    0.25

Nellore                                                     0.06

Guntur                                                      0.21

Total Telugu States                                    2.5 Cr

USA                                                           1.50

Karnataka                                                   0.35

Rest Estimates                                             0.15

Total World Wide                                          4.5 Cr

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