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Balakrishna Vs Pawan Fans - Attack On Charitra

There is no logic behind Fans blind worship for their stars. Though their heroes many times go on record that they share good relations with all heroes, Fans go on a rampage on the eve of the film releases and wage war against others.

As per an ugly update, Balakrishna's fan attacked Pawan Kalyan's fan in Srikakulam district. Balakrishna's film Jai Simha released a day after Pawan Kalyan's Agnyaatavaasi got a negative talk. Under these circumstances at Ichchapuram, Balakrishna fan Chatla Fakir quarelled with Danapana Harischandra,fan   of Pawan Kalyan.

Both backed off after locals intervened and pacified them. Later when Harischandra came to take his slippers, Fakir attacked him with a blade injuring his neck and ear. Harischandra complained against Fakir who was arrested and police started their investigation.

Similarly in Visakhapatnam, Pawan and Balakrishna fans clashed over a flexi. Pawan Kalyan fans erected a flexi bearing the words 'Tatala charitra cheppukune alavatu ledu.. memu srushtinche charitrale bhavitaralaku bhagavadgeeta'.

This is an indirect attack on Balakrishna and his fans came with a counter flexi 'maaku naanna tata charitra undi kaabatti cheppukuntunnam, meekemundira cheppukodaniki charitra.. oka mahaneeuyuni gurunchi chebite adi charitra avutundi. ade mee charitra chepite bhavitaralaku kaadu kadaa.. baavilo dookadaaniki kooda paniki raadu.'

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