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Friday 23 February, 2018, 10:09 am

Balayya Babu alone did it, Udaya Bhanu says crying

Balayya Babu alone did it, Udaya Bhanu says crying
Udaya Bhanu, the yesteryear star anchor who has made a comeback on TV in recent months, has said that Nandamuri Bakakrishna is a real hero.

"I have always missed many little joys in my life.  We women have some little wishes.  I like children a lot.  When I was pregnant, I pined for Seemantham ceremony.  I wanted to celebrate the first birthday of my children with my family.  And to me, the industry is my family.  I called up many people in the industry, but some of them didn't even respond," she began saying on the reality dance show 'Neethone Dance'.

"But Balayya Babu called me back and heard out my invite.  He told me that he will travel from Anantapur to Hyderabad and be there for the function.  And he didn't attend it for the sake of it.  He was there with us for 45 minutes.  He is truly like a God.  Jai Balayya," the lady said, breaking into tears.

Renu Desai, the show's judge, clapped at this

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