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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 9:47 pm

Balayya Hand Is Lucky: Rajasekhar

Balayya Hand Is Lucky: Rajasekhar
Senior hero Rajasekhar has pinned a lot of hopes on his latest film 'Garuda Vega'.   The trailer of 'Garuda Vega' was recently launched by Nandamuri Balakrishna.  Whenever Balayya attends an event, his speech is going to grab the attention of the audience. Similarly, he made an interesting speech at the trailer launch.

He said that "Industry will be prosperous only if the producer is happy.  That's the reason why we completed 'Gautami Putra Satakarni' in just 79 days.  Completing the film in less number of working days doesn't mean wrapping it up by compromising on quality.   It is also important to maintain quality.  There is no need to spend high on each and every film.  Our industry is in a situation where producers are not even aware of how much they are spending on the film.   'Garuda Vega' trailer is wonderful.  Praveen Sattaru is one of the talented directors we have in Telugu.  Rajasekhar is a versatile actor.  Not just his characters and stories.. his acting style is also different.  'Garuda Vega' is releasing on November 3, I hope the audience will make it a success."

Rajasekhar said that "Balayya's hand is lucky and everybody in the industry knows that.  As Balakrishna is launching 'Garuda Vega' trailer our film will get that luck and the movie will become a success."  He added that he worked energetically for 'Garuda Vega' as he did for films like 'Vandemataram'.. 'Pratighatana'.. 'Ankusam'.  

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