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Monday 19 November, 2018, 1:54 pm

Balayya Warning Kalyan Every Day

Balayya Warning Kalyan Every Day
Apparently, sometimes a small statement turns into a big thunder in the hearts of filmmakers. And known for his upright talk, Nandamuri Balakrishna once again made such sharp comment, which is now amusing his latest movie producer and also the director.

Without paying heed to the negative result cast by Paisa Vasool, Balayya moved to his 102nd movie under the direction of KS Ravi Kumar. None other than C Kalyan is producing this flick whose second schedule also got wrapped very recently.

Other day Balayya took part in Garuda Vega trailer launch and said, "Time is money and producer's money should be wisely spent. That's why my film Satakarni got completed in 79 days and we wrapped Paisa Vasool in 78 days. Now every day I'm giving warning to Kalyan garu to wrap this current project also a day lesser than that". He added, "But that doesn't mean we will just pack it up, but we have to finish good work in lesser time".

We hear that the producer and director, C Kalyan and KS Ravikumar are now feeling pressurized to meet the demand of Balayya. Because Balayya is able to stretch all his times for the film, while other actors and actresses are not able to meet his speed, a source revealed.

However, after witnessing how films that are shot for longer times have met disastrous fate in the recent times, as they ended up cost failures, Balayya is obviously right. Isn't he?

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