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Monday 19 November, 2018, 1:53 pm

Better Avoid This Superstar

Better Avoid This Superstar
After an emotional and a powerful outing - 'Dangal', which explored the burning issue of 'women empowerment', Aamir Khan is back with yet another film, 'Secret Superstar', which also falls in the same genre. This time however Aamir falls just short of recreating the magic of 'Dangal' or for that matter, 'Taare Zameer Par'.

'Secret Superstar' is not an Aamir's film but of an ambitious and repressed teenage girl's. She aspires to become a singer but her father, who treats his son as a child and girl as a liability, is the bitter-most deterrent for her dreams. How this underdog achieves her dream with the unexpected help of an eccentric music director, played by Aamir is a predictable yet heard-warming story.

Aamir Khan plays Bollywood music director, Shakti Kumaarr, who is obnoxious, self-centred and someone who composes unintentionally funny songs. Aamir's comic timing and cheesy attitude is one of the film's assets. Zaira Wasim, who won a national award for her stunning performance as young Geeta in 'Dangal', gives another credible performance as the lead actor in 'Secret Superstar'. Great performances from all the actors aside, the film has bundle of emotions but it also tries to manipulate audiences with fairytalish melodrama.

On the whole, Secret Superstar aims to become an unparalleled 'Taare Zameen Par' but falls short by good distance. The film nevertheless is a recommended watch for brand Aamir and the sensible subject it deals with.

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