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Bhaagamathie And Tholiprema!! He is Real Hero

Some say that he's giving better output for a better package, ie the package being paid to him. Few, however, disagree with this opinion as they say that only better content drives him to deliver such a staggering output. By now, you should have understood whom we are talking about.

So far 2018 has seen only two big hits and they are none other than Anushka's Bhagamathie and Varun's Tholiprema. Both these films have one unseen hero and it's no exaggeration to say that Thaman saved these films big time from getting typecast as an average film. Because his lilting and soul-stirring background score got these two films a new flavour.

For Anushka's semi-horror treat, without Thaman, you can't get such a terrific hair rising feel in many scenes. Especially the predictable second half is saved to a large extent by this awesome BGM. And then in Tholiprema, more than story and actors, it is Thaman's music that stood as a hero in saving each scene. Even a simple walk looked like an epic, due to that enchanting re-recording given by him.

As they say, he is the real hero of these two films, why his music sounded substandard in Inttelligent and Gayathri is something to be discussed. Like we said already, some say it's the package that made the different, some say its the content. What do you say, folks?

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