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Wednesday 26 September, 2018, 3:21 am

Bhaagamathie hero is hijra Karishma

Bhaagamathie hero is hijra Karishma
Unni Mukundan's role in Bhaagamathie as Anushka's pair was small but it had scope and Unni justified it. It was the same man who did Mohan Lal's son's character in Janatha Garage movie too.

The man showed dark shades quite brilliantly in the movie. Though he did well since the two films had little scope Mukundan did not get the name and fame he deserve.

Currently he is doing in Chanakya Tantram movie in Malayalam and the man is playing a transgender in this movie. He is doing role of Karishma and the posters released showing Karishma grabbed attention of industry. We cant stop appreciating his commitment. We hope Karishma will compensate for all the roles he did so far!

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