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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 3:44 am

Bhumika Confirms What Sam Said About Mahesh

Bhumika Confirms What Sam Said About Mahesh
Mahesh Babu is the Super Star of Tollywood and enjoys huge fan base among the Telugu audience. Usually, Mahesh appears to be a calm and reserved person. But people close to him say that he is the most entertaining person to hang around with.  It is known that Samantha has revealed an interesting thing about Mahesh Babu during a live chat on social media two weeks ago.

A follower asked Sam that "Tell us something about Mahesh Babu which we dont know about.... !!! N is he ur favorite actor??#AskSam".  Samantha didn't take much time to respond.. she answered that "That he's the most entertaining company. I dare you to not laugh if he's in the room."

Coming to the present, senior heroine Bhumika Chawla spoken about his co-stars in the Tollywood.  She said Pawan Kalyan is very caring,  Jr. NTR is a bundle of energy & jovial.  Talking about Mahesh Babu, she said that "He is a calm person and crack jokes with a straight face, leaving the entire crew burst into laughter".  She recalled an incident with Mahesh Babu. One day she has buried herself in a book, Mahesh Babu said that "If Someone clicks you, it would be the saree and the book, not your face."

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