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Big Hunt For Heroine's MMS

Big Hunt For Heroine's MMS
Prime accused in the molestation and assault on a popular heroine, star hero Dileep is already counting bars. We have to see if his newest bail petition will get accepted or quashed in the high court as police are completely against it as he could tamper evidence if outside.

Latest updates coming from this case are that police are on the search for a Memory Card that was collected from another accused Pulsar Suni. It is being said that a lawyer of Dileep has collected this Memory Card and he will also be arrested in this case. But the main target is to find that MMS clip of the actress, only then the case would get stronger and stable in the court.

Though police have cracked open a mobile phone of Dileep, the clip was yet to be found, say reports coming from Malayalam media. While another personal number of the star hero is also cracked, that establishes only call timings and presence of the accused nearby the scene of the offense. However, it is the MMS clip that could build this as a stronger case and it has to be unearthed at any cost.

In the mean time, some celebrities who are going head to speak the name of this actress publicly are facing legal troubles though some Malayali media houses are using her name openly. We have to see what happens.

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