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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 7:44 pm

BigBoss2 Who Is Sri Reddy's Next Target

BigBoss2  Who Is Sri Reddy's Next Target
Like a beacon holder for Big Boss 2, Sri Reddy is making sure that she will get more mileage out of this super hit reality show. When the show was announced with Nani as host, she tried to throw mud on the Natural Star alleging that he did something to her. Later she got silenced after Nani gave a legal notice.

Then she went on mentioning on her Facebook about the contestants of Big Boss 2, including Geetha Madhuri, saying that all these people do weird things during their USA tours. Quite conveniently as if she has seen everything through her iPad camera, Sri Reddy linked them all to #USASexRacket.

And now, she's releasing some snapshots of WhatsApp, saying that actor Samrat Reddy has flirted with her. One wonders why every celebrity in Tollywood flirts and does dirty talking only with Sri Reddy but not anyone else. Now we wonder who will fall prey as her next target. Whoever gets the fame inside the house, will get targeted, it looks like.

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