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Bigg Boss is Cheap and Fake: Ex-Contestant

Bigg Boss is Cheap and Fake: Ex-Contestant
Zubair Khan is the first contestant of Bigg Boss Season 11 to face elimination. Post his eviction, He alleged the show is fake and the contestants were told what to do in the house by management.

Mr.Khan clarified he never claimed to be the relative of Dawood Ibrahim's sister Haseena Parkar who died in 2014. He accused the Bigg Boss Management of indulging in cheap publicity by introducing him as Haseena Parkar's relative. 'My Wife's name is Sana Khan and My Mother-in-Law's Name is Noor Jahan,' he informs.

The evicted Contestant is miffed with Bigg Boss host Salman Khan as well. He even decided to file a police complaint against Salman for allegedly calling him a dog and for saying that he would ensure there won't be future for him in Bollywood.  

Interestingly, Zubair Khan claims he himself walked out of Bigg Boss and nobody evicted him. There were even reports that he attempted suicide by consuming sleeping pills after the argument with Salman Khan.

Zubair says he doesn't bother even if his contract was terminated by Bigg Boss. As per the contract, He gets paid Rs 25,000 per week for two years and Rs 50,000 per month after that period.

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