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Thursday 15 November, 2018, 8:41 am

Bigg Boss leak This week’s eliminated contestant

Bigg Boss leak  This week’s eliminated contestant

The second season of Telugu Bigg Boss is finally gaining momentum as the contestants are getting indulged in heated brawls and exchange of words. Also, the host of the show, Nani is bringing life to the show with his strong critical approach and not backing down to make strong comments against the likes of Tejashwi and Babu Gogineni.

The latest news is that news about this week’s eliminated contestant has leaked online and the carelessness of the person is to be blamed here. Apparently, Anchor Shyamala has been eliminated from the show as she received a dull response from the voters. Surprisingly, the anchor posted an update, saying that she has enjoyed her time on the show and thanked everyone for the support. Well, this pretty much clarifies that she has been eliminated from the house. The interesting part is she forgot the fact that the elimination episode will be aired the next day.

A few people are saying that Shyamala killed the excitement factor and made the big reveal even before it was aired in the Telugu states. Incidentally, she deleted this update on her social media platform, but the damage has been done already.

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