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Bigg Boss:These Are The Contestants

Bigg Boss:These Are The Contestants
Bigg Boss show which is popular worldwide is coming on to the Telugu TV screen to entertain the audience.  Usually Bigg Boss show becomes a talking point after the show start.. when fights between the contestants and other things lead to controversies.  TRPs will shoot up with the controversies.   But Telugu version Bigg Boss became a crazy show with the announcement of the host name itself.  

We all know that NTR is hosting the show. But there is no clear information on the participants till now.   Who are those dozen participants.. those are going to live in Bigg Boss house ? Exclusive details are coming out now.  Even though NTR gave a diplomatic answer that he doesn't know the names of the participants they are out now.  Siva Balaji..Dhanraj.. Adarsh .. Sampoornesh Babu.. Mahesh Kathi.. Sameer are male participants.   Mamaith Khan.. Tejaswi Madivada.. Archana.. Madhu Priya.. Kalpana.. Jyothi.. Hariteja are the female participants.

The organisers struck perfect balance with six male participants.. six female participants.  We will clearly know whether these twelve persons are really present in the Bigg Boss show or not.. in a few hours.  The first episode of the Bigg Boss show is going to be telecasted at 9 PM tonight.  Everybody is expecting record TRPs for the first episode. 

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