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Black Money Movie Review

Black Money Movie Review
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: Mohanlal, Amala Paul, Biju Menon, Aparna Nair
Producer: Sayyad Nizamuddin
Director: Joshiy
Music: Gopi Sundar
Rating: 2.5/5.0


Venu (Mohanlal), a cameraman who worked with Reuters and BBC and Renuka (Amala Paul), senior editor at Bharath Vision Telivison channel, team together to expose high profile scams involving top politicians and businessmen by undertaking daring sting operations risking their lives.

While on one such sting operation they land in deep trouble with threat to their lives. To find out more about their sting operations and mystery behind them, enjoy Black Money on screen.


Mohanlal is on a high scoring hits after hits and once again he attracted with his versatile performance as a daring cameraman covering exclusive news for leading channels. His body language and mannerisms are perfect and dialogue delivery is terrific. The intensity showed by Mohanlal as a cameraman attracts one and all. Expressions of Mohanlal are good.

Amala Paul complimented him well showing energy, exuberance as a senior editor who is career oriented. She however got limited scope to perform and mostly ends up playing second fiddle to Mohan Lal.

Biju Menon, Aparna Nair, Ameer Niyaz, Sai Kumar, Siddique,Krishna Kumar,Shammi Thilakan, Mithun Ramesh, Vijaya Raghavan played their roles accordingly.


Background score is good and made good impact. Cinematography elevated the film. Editing could have been better. Had the film's pace been fastened , it would have made even better impact.

Director could have added few more interesting twists and turns. Production values are good.

Plus Points:

Amala Paul
Few twists
Sting operations

Minus Points:

Lack of commercial elements
Slow pace
Unknown stars
Missing logics


Director Joshiy came with a different genre entertainer and the plot interests everyone. He tried to show channel wars and how channels conduct sting operations for TRP ratings. He also showed the ethics behind it and also the political connections. Though  this plot is new to Tollywood movie lovers, it is similar to many films in Malayalam which highlighted the risks reporters take to expose the corrupt politicians. Those who have knowledge of Malayalam films will be reminded of Passenger and Grandmaster films.

Director narrated the story in a interesting manner unraveling each and every twist one by one. Interval twist is good and though pre climax is routine, climax is good. However slow pace of the film and the repetitive scenes of sting operations, reduced the interest among movie lovers. Joshiy attracted with his story, screenplay and direction.


Black Money's interesting media wars turns boring!

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