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Bollywood Calling for crazy Telugu hero

Bollywood Calling for crazy Telugu hero
Young hero Nikhil Siddharth has been trying different stories in the recent past and getting good appreciation from the audience, apart from the commercial success.  Nikhil is impressing the audience by giving importance to the story rather than his character... he is now getting ready for the Bollywood debut as per the latest update.

Nikhil said to have met acclaimed bollywood director Nagesh Kukunoor in an event recently.  Nagesh who has good impression on Nikhil discussed a subject with him at the event.  Even though it was a casual discussion..Nikhil said to have surprised as the next developments were so fast.  Nikhil gave his green signal as he liked the script very much and Nagesh gives importance to stories.  The movie is going to be made in Hindi and Telugu.  

Many feel that the movie will work in Telugu because of Nikhil has good market here.. and it will work in Hindi as the director has good image in Bollywood.   An interesting aspect of this project is that.. it is Bollywood entry for Nikhil.. and Tollywood entry for Nagesh Kukunoor( He is a Teugu guy hailing from Hyderabad).  Another interesting aspect is that Nagesh has directed a film 'Bollywood Calling' in the past.. and the title turned out to be true in case of Nikhil.

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