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Sunday 23 September, 2018, 3:11 am

Bollywood Celebs Became Headache For Saaho

Bollywood Celebs Became Headache For Saaho
For the kind of craze 'Baahubali' Prabhas has now, his every film from now will be released across the nation. Sensing this in advance, the makers of his "Saaho" roped in many actors from Bollywood and that is what became a headache now.

Plan of Prabhas and his director Sujith is to keep everything as a secret until the film is ready. However, till date, we have heard many titbits about the film and most of them are true. Though the makers safeguarded the shooting spot by not allowing mobile phones on the set, they are not able to stop Bollywood cast of the film from not raving about it.

Recently Shraddha Kapoor revealed the kind of two-shaded character she's playing in the movie. She confirmed that her role is that of a cop and Prabhas will be seen as her subordinate. And then we have villain role artist Neil Nitin Mukesh talking a lot about the movie. He confirmed that the film is a thriller with lots of twists but not any masala story. The likes of Jackie Shroff and Mahesh Manjrekar also spoke about the film and revealed some details at various meets.

In a way, fans of Prabhas are enjoying these leakages given by the Bollywood brigade but surely the leaks are a headache to the film, as it builds unnecessary hype.

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