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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 10:44 pm

Bollywood Hero Affair with Heroine

Bollywood Hero Affair with Heroine
Some couples in Bollywood appears to be strong on the outside but will have so many rough patches on the inside. Some even approach for divorce without being able to bear the pain. As per the latest news, a star couple in Bollywood also wants to get a divorce.

He is a star hero in Bollywood. His craze has kept on growing with his age. There are so many hits in his track record. Flops are very rare. Recently he fell in love with a heroine he is currently doing a movie with. He has already married twice but fell in love again. There is a talk that he is in a live-in relationship with that heroine. Bollywood media is claiming that both the hero and heroine are spending time together whenever there is no shooting. The age gap between them is also more. It seems like he is ignoring his wife completely and is spending it with a new lover.

When they are working together for the first time there was nothing between them but as the shooting of the second film started, things between them also changed. Their intimacy grew. If the buzz is to be believed then the parents of her got to know about this and left her.

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