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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 6:29 pm

Bollywood Hero Calls Kamaal Khan A Chu****!

Bollywood Hero Calls Kamaal Khan A Chu****!
Self-proclaimed Bollywood critic Kamaal R Khan is pretty popular in the social media with his controversies.  Apart from criticising Bollywood films and heroes, he had abused several South heroes as well.  Recently he had a tussle with Bollywood hero Shreyas Talpade.

Shreyas Talpade is a familiar actor for the people who watch Hindi films.  He has directed a film 'Poster Boys' starring Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol.  Shreyas even acted in the film.  'Poster Boys' released on this Friday and received flak for the routine and outdated content.

 Kamaal Khan didn't leave the film, he abused the film and the director.  He tweeted that "Deol brothers should hang @shreyastalpade1 up side down, slap him 6 times n put chilli in his ass for destroying their career. Top class Wahiyat film #PosterBoys collected 1.80Cr on day1 n it's proof of 0 stardom of Deols n Chutiyapa direction of @shreyastalpade1.. Producers were become sure of disaster #PosterBoys on d day when Talpade brought all his Berozgar friends like Arshad Khemu etc to act in it.. Now all the distributors should be ready for #GolmaalAgain where all the Berozgar stars like Arshad, Khemu, Talpade etc will torture public."

Angered with the abusing remarks of Kamaal Khan, Shreyas replied him "Aukaat mein reh @kamaalrkhan chu**#. Kabhi haath lagaa toh itni zor se patkungaa ki tappa khake chatt se lagega. Jai Maharashtra."   Kamaal didn't stop the tweet war .. he posted a series of tweets later. Another tweet reads "Crap #PosterBoys will do lifetime business of max 10Cr n if Talpade is having little shame, then he should commit suicide after seeing this"..."These all corrupt Bikaaoo critics should be hanged till death, who have given 3-4* to Wahiyat film #PosterBoys which is washout by 1st show.

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