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Brahmotsavam 100 Days run in Single Theatre

Brahmotsavam 100 Days run in Single Theatre
'Brahmotsavam', one of the biggest disasters of 2016, completed 100 Days run. It did ran for 100 Days in a single centre - Vishwanath Theatre, Chilakaluripeta.

PRO BA Raju shared the news to Media. He went on to say 18 out of 22 films acted by Mahesh Babu have successfully completed 100 days run in direct centers.

Interestingly, 'Brahmotsavam' 100th Day coincides with 'Mosagallaku Mosagadu' 45th Anniversary. It would have been great had if the Mahesh-starrer was a Blockbuster.

Since Day 1, 'Brahmotsavam' was branded as an utter flop and nobody expected it to completed 50 days at least in few centers. How did it ran for 100 Days in Chilakaluripeta? Did the people here really embrace the movie or Exhibitors lacked funds to replace it with a new release?

Mahesh Babu has moved on to his next project with AR Murugadoss. This high-budget venture will release in Summer 2017.

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