Buzz: Is Prabhas Acting In Hollywood Movie?

The storm of "Shades Of Saaho: Chapter 1" has already mesmerised cinema lovers, not just in Tollywood but across the nation we have to say. Even international fans of "Baahubali" Prabhas are stunned by it. Courtesy, it's visual.

While this is just a making video, the amount of intensity they are bringing to "Saaho" by building their own cars, blasting them out, beating them to a pulp in chases and tossing them into the air like toys, has impressed everyone. Also, the way each shot is being canned, with modern camera rigs, high performance electronic gadgets and robotic arms, the making video just blew minds.

Apparently, the making video has given a feeler if Prabhas is acting in a Hollywood movie. Though action director Kenny Bates earlier worked on some Indian movies, never they looked of this scale and grandeur. Needless to say, the makers of Saaho are spending a bomb to make sure that this film looks like an Indian version of the famous Fast and Furious series.

If this is the buzz Saaho gets for the making video, wonder how people are going to receive it if the final colour graded and computer graphics filled visuals are out in the arena. Definitely, it is going to be extravagant!!

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