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Can He Be Vijetha With This Buzz

Can He Be Vijetha With This Buzz
Whenever an actor or actress is being launched from a star's family, there would be a great buzz surrounding his or her debut film. When the news of Chirajneevi's son-in-law Kalyaan Dhev broke out, it did garner attention.

However, the makers of the film failed to sustain the buzz till the film's release. Even as the film is all set for release tomorrow, little did Kalyaan's maiden film is attracting any attention from the movie buffs.

Other than hoardings, the film has no major publicity which is worrying the hard core fans of mega family. Shockingly, even Mega family has distanced from the project other than just attending as the chief guest for the film's audio-release event.

Even when Niharika Konidela was launched, her debut film Oka Manasu had relatively greater buzz than Vijetha which will see the launch of Chiru's second son-in-law Kalyaan. This is also hurting mega fans. One has to wait and see whether Sreeja's husband would score the brownie points with Vijetha or not.

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