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Can you guess the actor from the first look of Yaar Ivan?

Can you guess the actor from the first look of Yaar Ivan?
Right now, everyone on Twitter has only one agenda – to guess the actor in this newly announced Tamil Movie – Yaar Ivan. To tease us a little, the makers out of nowhere released a poster revealing this towering, bulky guy but nothing more.  Fans on social media are very curious about this film whose title itself means – Who is this in Tamil. Some say, he’s a Bollywood superstar who will be part of this Tamil film. Other actors like Arya, and Akhil Akkineni also shared the poster and gave out their own clues. Have to say, it’s one of the best kept secrets among these actors. Fans can’t wait to find who it is behind that hood. On a closer look,  you can spot different adjectives used to describe the protagonist such as – Villain, loser, Killer, player, Gambler, Murderer, Jail, Fighter, Hunter. Whoa! Who is this we are dealing with? To make it worse, the cast and crew details will only be announced on Feb 14. The movie is set for an April 2017 release. This guessing game is driving us crazy. Why don’t you hop on board and help us figure out, who is this supposed Bollywood actor or not in this upcoming Tamil Movie?


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