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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 8:46 pm

Casting Couch: Rx100 Heroine Asked To 'Compromise'

Casting Couch: Rx100 Heroine Asked To 'Compromise'
Punjabi beauty Paayal Rajput's role and her impressive performance have played a crucial role in the blockbuster success of RX100. Paayal has signed two crazy projects soon after RX100's release. However, despite gaining accolades and a dream debut, Paayal had fallen prey to the murky casting couch menace in Tollywood.

In a latest interview, Paayal revealed her shocking casting couch experience. "Even after RX100's success, I was shocked to be approached by a shady producer who asked me if I was willing to 'compromise' for a role. I rebuked him and asked him to get out of my sight," Paayal revealed.

Paayal wondered if her bold role in RX100 was the reason for people to think that way. "I am from North invite and I am not shy. That doesn't mean that I will kiss everyone. I didn't come to the industry for that," she said.

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