Casting Director Wanted To See Hero's Private Parts

For decades, Bollywood has been vehemently denying the casting couch menace which is an open secret. Even though it is mostly the female actors who fall prey to casting couch, there are several male actors too who end up becoming victims in this sleazy world.

Now, Bollywood's happening young star Ranveer Singh broke the walls covering the worst-kept secret of casting couch in an exclusive interview. Ranveer revealed a shocking incident that took place several years ago during his struggling days as an actor.

Apparently, when Ranveer approached a popular casting director in Bollywood for an audition, the 'sleazy gentleman' invited him to his residence in Andheri. Ranveer went to his home with his portfolio. However, the casting director didn't see the portfolio and instead he tried to touch him inappropriately, and even asked Ranveer to show his private parts.

Ranveer quickly escaped from the place only to find out later that the same casting director exploited some of his aspiring actor friends.
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