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Caught On Cam: How Alia Bhatt was 20-Years-Ago?

Caught On Cam: How Alia Bhatt was 20-Years-Ago?
Pooja Bhatt acted opposite almost all the young heroes in the 90s including Bollywood Baadshah. She acted alongside Shahrukh Khan in 'Chaahat' (1996).

Want to how Alia Bhatt was exactly 20-Years-Ago? Pooja Bhatt shared the lovely throwback picture of her little sister Alia shot on the sets of 'Chaahat'. In this pic, The Short Sensation is much more cute than what she looks now!

Who would have thought Alia Bhatt would share screen space with Shahrukh Khan one day? 'Dear Zindagi', the film starring both these actors, releases on November 25th this year. Director Gauri Shinde of 'English Vinglish' fame presents this breezy entertainer.


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