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Caught On Cam: Jabardasth Team's Goa Tour!

Caught On Cam: Jabardasth Team's Goa Tour!
Jabardasth Team has gone on a vacation to Goa before the end the 2016. Judges Naga Babu & Roja, Anchor Anasuya, Comedians and Technicians had a blast in the holiday destination. From boating to group lunches, They have done everything.

Anasuya kept sharing the pictures shot during the vacation on her social networking pages. Upon watching them, There is pressure on Producers of TV Shows & Serials to plan such vacations at least once in an year to relax and rejuvenate.

Undoubtedly, 'Jabardasth' is the most successful comedy show ever in TV circuit. Even the popular TV Sops can't compete with this entertainment-based show in terms of TRPs. Despite few remarks such as adult content and a bit of vulgarity, It's viewership  has only improved day-by-day.

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