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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 9:49 pm

Caught On Cam: Mohanlal shows off Telugu skills!

Caught On Cam: Mohanlal shows off Telugu skills!
Soon after signing two films 'Manamantha' & 'Janatha Garage', Mohanlal learnt Telugu with utmost dedication. He could now speak the language fluently and even able to either read/write it.

Mohanlal already begun dubbing for his role in 'Manamantha' directed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti. 'Giving voice to Manamantha. It is a pleasure to learn and dub Telugu,' he wrote on Twitter page sharing the pictures shot in the dubbing studio.

The Malayalam Superstar will also dub for 'Janatha Garage'. That's why Mohanlal is always known to be a Director's delight!

Going the extra mile will bring Mohanlal much closer to the Telugus. How many of the imported actors will respect the language like he does? Mohanlal ji - Respect!

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