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Celebrities harassed maids to the hilt!

Celebrities harassed maids to the hilt!
Well, there are many rumours about Bollywood Celebrities treat people around them and this comes as no surprise to us. But we wonder how come these people who try to showcase themselves as goody goody shoes act like that? Bookmyboy, a maid services website in India started it's operations in Mumbai and as many as 20 Bollywood Celebrities have used their services as per CEO, Anupam Sinhal.

The angered and frustrated man talked about his service agents/maids being harassed and assaulted by Bollywood celebrities and decided to stop the maid services for Bollywood celebrities. He talked about five instances where Celebrities harassed their maids and did not reveal their details.

Instance 1: This woman actress asked the maid to arrange for another person for her daily chores and then attend for his mother's funeral. Tell me how could one justify such a cruel demand.

Instance 2: This actor has money to maintain a 3 crores car but he declared he cannot afford one time lunch for the maid. Asked him to eat bread three times a day and drink tea.

Instance 3: This celebrity physically assaulted and sexual harassed my maid. Through the company we wanted to pursue a case but the maid backed out saying she can't afford to roam around courts and police station forever. As she did not get convinced to appear in person for FIR to be reported, we could not file a case.

Instance 4: This celebrity threatened to sue the company after Maid walked away. Maid went away as she could not take the sexual harassment inflicted by the monster of that person.

Instance 5: This woman owed the company an amount of 15,000 for service charges but she chose to not answer our repeated calls. Finally, when we got through she denied to pay any amount and we are trying to get money from her.

Well, after all these, even we won't recommend the online service website to re-think about their decision. But it is not right even to completely ban all of them just because of few!

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