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Change in the wedding plans of Chay-Sam?

Change in the wedding plans of Chay-Sam?
Everybody is closely following the updates of Akkineni Naga Chaitanya-Samantha in the recent past.  Their films also generate curiosity but more than anything else.. it is their marriage which is creating much more interest among the audience.  There is a latest update on their marriage.

It is known that Chaitanya- Samantha are presently busy with their respective films.  But they are getting married in this October itself.. that too in Hyderabad as per the latest buzz.  There was a talk that this couple is going for a destination wedding in Bali.. Bangkok.  But somehow they have decided to get married in Hyderabad.  They are said to be planning a grand wedding by inviting relatives.. friends..industry persons..fans.  Chaitanya-Samantha will complete their ongoing films and get ready for the wedding.  

Naga Chaitanya is presently working on two films 'RaRandoy Veduka Chuddam' and another film in the direction of Krishna Marimuthu.  Samantha is also busy with two films Charan film.. and 'Raju Gari Gadhi 2'.   Both are planning to give a short break to their career after completing their films and they will get married.  They will continue the career after the marriage.

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