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Wednesday 14 November, 2018, 7:19 am

Charan-NTR Film: Rajamouli To Cut All The Traces

Charan-NTR Film: Rajamouli To Cut All The Traces
What is touted to be an impossible combination is being made true by SS Rajamouli, the legendary filmmaker who crafted a magnum opus like Baahubali. His next film is a multi-starrer featuring star heroes from two rival camps, Mega and Nandamuri, and that sets everything in motion.

These days however many films are suffering from plagiarism accusations. Even Rajamouli's very own Baahubali 1 & 2 faced criticism for containing scenes that are inspired by Hollywood movies. And recently we have seen how Agnyaathavaasi has faced even a penalty from Largo Winch copyrights holders and how Varma's latest adult flick is getting slammed for being lifted from an associate's work.

Moving on, Rajamouli has now asked his father Vijayendra Prasad to make the story of Charan and Jr NTR film free from any such foreign-film influences. Reports are indicating that he asked the Baahubali writer to remove all the traces of any scenes that are inspired by other films. Because he wants the film to be controversy free.

It's better to avoid direct lifting of scenes and storylines from Hollywood and other language films these days because that will spoil the hard-earned fame of a director behind which years of hard work is there. Especially the likes of Rajmouli has to be more careful because the whole of India and parts of the world is looking forward to seeing his Mega-Nandamuri project.

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