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Cheap Discussions on Pawan's Son's Name

Cheap Discussions on Pawan's Son's Name
Personal lives of celebs have always been an interesting topic for media. And when it comes to Pawan Kalyan, the interest intensifies like no others. The latest is that the news of Pawan's new born son having a "Christian name" got wide attention. At the same time, it is drawing severe criticism from Pawan's die-hard fans who are against to few sections of media, individuals labeling the name as "Christian" or "Hindu".

Even when Pawan repeatedly told that he is not confined to or inclined towards any particular religion and even when he conveyed multiple times that he's got no caste feeling, these sort of discussions never stopped surfacing. It is completely Pawan and Anna's wish to name their child with whatever they want. However, a section of media as usual done its over action and started reporting that Pawan's new-born son would have a name based on Christian ideology. This drew ire of fans who fumed for circulating such labels on the day of the birth of the baby boy.

Pawan fans are now venting on media and netizens in social media over this 'Christian name' remarks. Fans are shocked with the way few are making this a huge issue right from the day one itself.

Earlier, the name of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor's son Taimur too became a big controversy. However, whereas in the case of Pawan's son, the issue has began even before the name is actually revealed.

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