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Wednesday 21 February, 2018, 8:29 am

Check out Young Hero’s Brand New Car Worth 3.8 Cr!

Check out Young Hero’s Brand New Car Worth 3.8 Cr!
Ranveer Singh who is on a swing at present in terms of his career has owned a brand new car, Aston Martin Rapide S, worth 3.8 crores for his birthday which was on Thursday. The beast will give one an adrenaline rush with its body and the features.

With 330 Kmph being the highest speed the car can drive up to, it picks up the speed of 100 Kmph in 4.2 seconds! With the outstanding V12 engine, the four wheeler is no less than a sports car. Reports say that Rapide S is the most powerful Rapide engine that the makers have built so far.

Ranveer seems to be obsessed with the Rapide S, as he was seen roaming the streets of Mumbai driving his new car, starting Wednesday night until Friday. He even took his rumored girlfriend, Deepika Padukone on a ride.

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