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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 7:34 am

Check Who Is Purandeswari of NTR Biopic

Check Who Is Purandeswari of NTR Biopic

Every bit of the NTR’s biopic that is coming out giving goosebumps to the fans with each of the looks revealed in an epic manner. Here is yet another fascinating cast of the movie out and people can’t stop guessing who she is and we have the details for you.

 The actress whose picture is making rounds alongside Purandeswari’s is of a dancer from Vijayawada who is going to play the role of NTR’s daughter Purandeswari in NTR’s biopic. As the sources say her name is Himaansi Chowdari and is becoming a popular face already and thanks to NTR biopic.

She carried the same grace and the beautiful smile that of Purandeswari and just like the looks of ANR, NTR, and CBN, her look as the original personality will surely click well. The film team is following a great strategy of surprise announcements from the picture and it is working like fab in the audience.

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