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Cherry shares his dad's secrets

Cherry shares his dad's secrets
Mega Power Star Ram Charan speaking about his dad Mega Star Chiranjeevi said “There are very few incidents where I quarreled with my dad. Since he was busy we used to wait eagerly for his return to house. He used to spend time with us despite his busy schedule. He used to turn a kid along with us and while we grew up, he used to interfere but he is the most understandable person"

“When I was ten years old he presented me skating shoes. I couldn't express my happiness and roamed entire house with them. However I fell down as I was not used to and hurt myself. I had few stitches on forehead but despite all this I was happy that I had skating shoes next to me. I cannot forget this present for my life"

“I went to Lankeswaranudu shooting and a leopard used to be by my father's side always. I used to get scared but father took me near to it and made me tough the leopard. I also remember watching father do cycling in a swimming pool in Gharana Mogudu. I loved that scene"

“I was desperate to fly to Switzerland when my dad was flying to Switzerland for Annayya film shoot. However my school gets reopened in four days and father don’t like absenting from schools. However I was desperate to go to Switzerland at any cost. So I told my mother who informed him. He called me and I was scared whether he would hit me. But father cooly asked me to pack my things. I was over the moon and I had a memorable trip to Switzerland"

“I am friendly with my mother. Sometimes we fight but again forget everything. Father don’t know these things. He respects women a lot and he is of the opinion that one should respect mother like a Goddess. He will never tolerate anyone speaking ill of his mother. While we were once having discussion, mother told 'lets go', I told her to sit down and father got angry and scolded me and took a big class on how to respect mother'.

‘I never had an idea that dad is a mega star till I was 10-15 years old. He brought up in such low profile and we never had any film magazines, film discussions in house. Only at the age of 18years I came to know about the film life'

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