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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 4:23 pm

Chiranjeevi Should Take That Responsibility

Chiranjeevi Should Take That Responsibility
Dasari Narayana Rao was a legend in Tollywood in his own right.  Words will fall short to describe him.  Everybody knows how the film industry was pained by his demise.  Dasari always used to work for the welfare of the film industry by supporting the newcomers, and small budget films.  He was always the first person to attend if the film industry organises an event in memory of the film personalities.

Such programmes are becoming rare after the death of Dasari.  Everybody is busy with their professional commitments and they are forgetting to organise some good events.  This is where the film industry is missing the presence of a person like Dasari.   Tollywood Seniors said on public events that someone should take those responsibilities for the well being of the industry.  

Tammareddy Bharadwaja spoke on the same topic yesterday during the book launch of 'Tera Venuka Dasari' penned by Pasupuleti Ramarao.  He said that "Dasari used to conduct several good programmes in the industry.  He used to act as a guiding factor, an elderly person whom anybody can approach in the film industry.  It will be good if Chiranjeevi takes up that responsibility."

"Chiranjeevi is a Megastar.  He is a stature after Dasari. So, it will be good if Chiru fills his shoes and takes up the industry issues.  I hope that he will take that responsibility.  Why because Dasari stood there for the industry even though we fight among ourselves.  Chiranjeevi should stand for the industry like Dasari."   The idea of Tammareddy is interesting but we have to wait and see how Chiru will take it forward.

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