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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:06 pm

Chiyaan Vikram's Sketch for success!

Chiyaan Vikram's Sketch for success!
Chiyaan Vikram is one of the great actors India has ever produced. He wants to prove that time and time again. Even though he has huge fan following, his films being too experimental his success rate has been not at the same level as he deserves. The actor is one of those rare artists who can die for a role and he takes pride in bringing difficult roles to life.

But, not every film of his has the same quality and his fans have been deprived of watching him do the box office cinema these days. 'I' took almost three years to complete and all his efforts for the movie, did not make it a success. Then, he tried to release some more films like Inkokadu but they did not become as successful as his fans and general audience expected.

Now, he is coming with two films, one is Dhruva Natchitram in the direction of Gautam Vasudev Menon and another one Sketch in the direction of an young director, Vijay Chander. Both the movies are fast progressing to finish the shoot and we hear that Sketch could release first in the two. By November the team is planning to complete the shoot and looking to release the film in December. In the movie, Tamanna is playing the leading lady character. Let's see if his Sketch for success works at the Box Office!

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