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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 4:42 pm

Chubby Anchor Crossed The Boundary!

Chubby Anchor Crossed The Boundary!
Today anchors are tomorrows silver screen avatars, is what many believe, especially when it comes to these hot lady show hosts. From Jhansi to Anasuya, Suma to Rashmi, many tried their luck, but those who flaunted glamour are getting somewhat fruitful roles, while others are limited to side characters.

Treading on the same path, chubby girl Sreemukhi also tried her hand as a heroine but in no time she's out of offers. That forced to become busy on small screen, but still, she hasn't left big screen desires. She's now coming up with a new film, where she crossed the boundary to unveil that 'hot' side of her.

Actor-writer Harshavardhan has now turned to music and direction, along with those two stunts. With his talents clubbed and unleashed, he's now coming up with the film "Good Bad Ugly" set in a period backdrop of the early 90s. Other day when the trailer released, more than the satires of Ram Gopal Varma and Maniratnam, it's the glamour of Sreemukhi that garnered the attention.

While admirers of this chubby girl are praising her work as a bold movie, other cinema lovers are feeling that she's getting into glamour zone to fetch more offers. However, they feel that she should focus on maintaining right physique to succeed with commercial films. Let's see the how this film is going to fare for her at the box office.

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