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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 3:41 am

College Friend Reveals Aish’s Secrets

College Friend Reveals Aish’s Secrets
Indian film industry has been blessed with several talented and hauntingly beautiful actresses but it can be confidently said that no one has won as many hearts as evergreen beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did. Fans are aware of most of the happenings in her life ever since she won the Miss World Title in 1994.

They are however curious to know how she used to look in her teenage, how many men became slaves to her charms during her college days etc. Here are some interesting details revealed by one of her close friends in college.

In a media interview, one of Aish’s college friends, revealed that guys used to stand at the college gate for hours just to see a glimpse of her.

‘She daily took train to go to college. And, guys used to fight with each other just to aboard the same compartment as she is in, so as to satiate their eyes until she gets off the train. Not just guys, girls also gazed at her, some with envy and others in awe, such striking her beauty was even then,’ she reportedly said.

“Aishwarya was the apple of all the teachers’ eyes, I think our Physics lecturer was very charmed by her looks and he encouraged her to try modelling. She was good at her studies, and was called by everyone as the most beautiful girl in college. She eventually proved to be the most beautiful girl in the world,” the woman concluded.

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