Common Man Cannot Do A Sonali Bendre

Whoever may be the person affected with, ill health is ill-health, there are no two thoughts about it. But the way only few can avail all the benefits and others has to simply give up is what hurts many.

Currently, we're seeing Sonali Bendre, the heroine of Mahesh's Murari movie, exuding huge confidence and courageous heart in a crisis hour. She's diagnosed with cancer and being treated in New York now. Suffering from another form of cancer, Irfan Khan is right now getting treated in London, UK. Earlier the likes of Manisha Koirala, Mamata Mohan Das, and Yuvraj Singh also got hit by cancer and they went abroad for the diagnosis before walking hale and healthy back in India.

Cut to common man now, even if it is Stage One cancer, many people can't afford the treatment and ending up on deathbed. And some are able to join those charity hospitals in Hyderabad and Vizag, before getting treated to a certain extent. Some people who could afford a couple of lakhs are able to save their lives. While celebs could all the way go to USA or UK to get treated for cancer, others simply cannot. So what is the way?

It's high time that governments take this seriously and make sure that cancer treatment is not a costly affair and every ordinary citizen should be able to afford it. Healthcare of citizens should be India's top priority, isn't it? It's more than bringing black money back and building statues!!

PS: This is not to hurt any celeb cancer patients, but only to highlight the plight of mango people aka Aam Janta!!
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