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Saturday 22 September, 2018, 7:35 pm

Dark Secrets about Auditions & Casting Couch

Dark Secrets about Auditions & Casting Couch
During the promotions of 'Julie 2', Raai Laxmi didn't hesitate to accept that casting couch exists in Bollywood and down South. 'Nobody would directly say to you - Let's Sleep & Let's Have Sex. People approach you in different ways. They would drop some hints like€why can't we work out something?, why can't we go with the flow? In Industry, Kuch Cheezen Koti Hai & you should know about it before entering,' she reveals.

One of the Model Friends of Raai Laxmi was asked to show the expression of moaning in sexual ecstasy while touching her body parts during an audition. She walked out of the room in tears and decided not to work for a Bollywood film ever.

The Actress disclosed that she was told by her friends in the Industry that they were asked to strip down to their undergarments to check their bust and hip line during the auditions. Even the aspiring Heroines were made to don bikinis during the selection process.

Asked why don't Actresses/Models approach cops when such things happen, Raai Laxmi explains its just because they don't want their ambition to get affected because of the controversy.

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