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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 3:42 am

Decrease Kangana's Loud Moans During $ex!

Decrease Kangana's Loud Moans During $ex!
One should have luck as well as patience to become a star in the film industry.  They should focus on the goal irrespective of the obstacles they come across during the journey towards their goal.  Kangana Ranaut came across all these things and she became the Queen of Bollywood.  No one could shake her self-confidence even after several controversies.

There are even rumours in the film industry that some celebrities are planning to take revenge on her because she made sensational comments that she has been abused by some celebrities when she newcomer to the Bollywood.  The situation is completely different now.  She is appearing in lady oriented films and achieved good success at the box office.  Her latest film 'Simran' released today.  The movie is a comedy drama and Kangana said to have acted realistically in some erotic scenes by moaning loudly.  

'Simran' unit members reportedly felt that those scenes will surely mesmerise the audience. But Censor officials raised objection over the loud moans of Kangana saying that the loud moans are provocative than the actual scene.   They asked the filmmakers to tone down the sound effect.  Apart from the loud moaning, they have also suggested editing the word 'b**tch' in six places.  

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