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Saturday 20 October, 2018, 11:58 pm

Dhruva, Shriya Will Set The Screen On Fire!

Dhruva, Shriya Will Set The Screen On Fire!
Yesteryear hero Arvind Swami is back into the big league with the sensational success of Tamil film, “Thani Oruvan”. The film was remade in Telugu as “Dhruva”, starring Ram Charan. Swami reprised his villain role in the remake as well and won accolades for his performance. In an interesting turn of events, his character in his new film is titled, ‘Dhruva’.

Young director Karthick Naren, who had won immense acclaim for his debut film, D16, has roped in Arvind Swami for his second film, ‘Naragasooran’. The thriller, which is being made as a Telugu-Tamil bilingual, also stars Shriya Saran and Sundeep Kishan.

Swami has recently made a tweet to inform that they had wrapped up the shooting, and he thanked his co-star Shriya Saran saying it was a pleasure working with her. Alongside sharing an intimate pic of the duo from the movie, he said that their chemistry will set the screen on fire.

Shriya is an enchantress who still makes fans go crazy with her ravishing acts in films. Arvind Swami, as Dhruva from Naragasooran, has just raised the expectations on the romantic quotient in the film.

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