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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 1:24 pm

Did Pawan Stop Caring About His Looks?

Did Pawan Stop Caring About His Looks?
Pawan Kalyan is known as one of the fittest Telugu actors thanks to his martial arts background.   He used to maintain a perfect physique, unitill sometime back.  He used sweat it out in gym to burn extra calories between movie to movie to stay fit.  But his appearance in the recent times receiving flak from netizens.

It is known that he looked aged in his last film 'Katama Rayudu'.  His excess weight, double chin was clearly visible in the film.  But no one cared about it as Pawan played a middle aged character in the film.  Surprisingly, he is continuing the same look for PSPK25 also.  Pawan used to take gap between a film to film and he used to work out in gym at least a month to get back in shape.  But that has not happened after 'Katama Rayaudu'.   Going by his latest photographs, it is clearly evident he has put on some more kilos of extra weight after 'Katama Rayudu'.

There were some specualtions before the start of PSPK25 that Trivikram is showing Power Star in 'Jalsa' Look.  But the netizens are commenting that.. forget about 'Jalsa' look, Pawan is appearing with fat cheeks, double chin and pot belly now.   It apears that he is not caring much about his looks anymore.  Even Power Star fans who used boast of his stylish looks, are disappointed to see their matinee idol like this.

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