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Did Teja Steal Story of NRNM?

Did Teja Steal Story of NRNM?
Sensational director Teja has finally scored a hit with 'Nene Raju Nene Mantri', after several years. While he is being flooded with accolades for penning a power-packed story and presenting it in a engaging and emotional manner, a rumor is slowly spreading in film circles that he hijacked the film's story from a budding writer.

Going by the emerging reports in film circles, the story of NRNM was penned by a small-time writer, Thimma Reddy. Impressed by his narration, Teja reportedly offered him story credit and decent remuneration, and kept him as his associate until he weaved the bound script. 'Once the film went on floors with Rana in lead, Teja sidelined Reddy from the project and even didn't give him credit for story,' say reports.

We have witnessed people, especially writers and director, involved in a project fighting for credit once their film succeeds. So far, no such thing happened in the case of Nene Raju Nene Mantri. The budding writer in news, Thmma Reddy, who is being cited as the original writer of the film, hasn't yet come out seeking credit for his work.

So, is Teja stealing story credit just a rumor? Are the alleged jealous people in industry trying to malign the image of Teja as he scored a hit? Or has Teja really ditched the original writer and taken credit, just like most directors do these days? Teja should respond to put a full stop to these detrimental reports.

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