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Difficulty Behind Iconic Baahubali Scene

Difficulty Behind Iconic Baahubali Scene
The iconic scene where Kattappa seemingly kills Baahubali hogged the central stage not just in the first part but it was a crucial scene in the trailer of 'Baahubali 2' as well. In fact, 'Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali' is one of the pivotal crowd pulling factors for Baahubali 2 besides the outstanding visuals and elevation scenes. So, how much effort exactly went into carving out that scene?

During a chat with the film's Award-winning Art Director, Sabu Cyril, he revealed what went into the making of that iconic scene. He revealed that the location where the scene was filmed was the result of painstaking labour because the originally chosen location became unsuitable.

"The scene where Katappa kills Baahubali was originally supposed to be filmed in the Chambal valley in the North. But, just one month before we go for the shoot, we found that the entire barren land had become green as a result of rains. We had to find an alternate location and it was then we chose a quarry near Hyderabad. We however had to convert it into the kind of zone we wanted. It took 45 days of painstaking labour to construct the set," Cyril recollected.

"The quarry area had to be filled with 100 truckloads of mud and we had to literally construct roads. To give it the look we wanted, we even transported trees from Rajasthan and made around 30 replicas of those trees in fiberglass, to be fixed on the set. Every rock in that scene was of 60 ft height and all of them had to be painted with a reddish tinge for the effect we wanted in the shots. Over 200 people worked night and day in my department alone," he added.

The effort of the team surely paid high reward as the scene became one of the most unforgettable ones in the history of Indian cinema.

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