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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 4:21 pm

Dil Raju Faced A Big Blow

Dil Raju Faced A Big Blow
Recently in an interview on his birthday, Producer Dil Raju claimed that he experienced huge losses because of the movie distributions. He clearly stated that he will not involve in the distribution side any more. But he gained the rights of Powerstar Pawankalyan's Agnyaathavaasi which greatly disappointed him.

Dil Raju bought the Nizam rights of Agnyaathavaasi for a whopping amount of Rs. 29 crores. He grandly released the film in the theaters of Nizam area. Unfortunately, the movie which was made over the budget of Rs. 100 crores has been been receiving negative reviews. This is a big blow for Dil Raju who acted as one of the distributors for the film. As the movie received flop talk, the collections that are made in the first four or five days are final. After that there is no way the collections will get a hike. Dil Raju who scored a super hit with Sathamanam Bhavati for last Sankranthi has pinned all his hopes on Agnyaathavaasi this year. But the flop of the movie is unexpected for him. Furthermore, KCR also rejected to air the movie premiere show in Telangana which is another blow for Dil Raju.

Balayya's Jai Simha is also getting released tomorrow. If the movie gets a positive talk, only god can save Agnyaathavaasi. Dil Raju decided that the distribution is not suiting him well. He faced a huge loss with Spyder which he bought for Rs. 22 crores last year and now Agnyaathavaasi which he owned by paying Rs. 29 crores.

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