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Dil Raju started editing works?

Dil Raju started editing works?
 Dil Raju is one producer who is known for his passion in making a movie and then great business sense to sell it accordingly. Because of that sense and passion he is able to have a long run as a producer during this age and times. He completed 25 films in his production and he is still going strong with more than 4 films under production simultaneously.

Dil Raju is also known for giving freedom to his directors while in production but he is extremely strict during the post and he will edit out whatever he feels not fitting in the screenplay. He has his own beliefs that audience cannot see a scene more than this much time and a film should not prolong more than this runtime. Even though directors and even he himself likes the scene, if he feels it is going to be a lag in the screenplay then he will edit it out.

Now, the producer started his brand of editing for the movie, Fidaa as per the sources. Shekhar Kammula is the director of the movie and he is known for making movies with a detailed screenplay and few lags here and there are common. But he is not among the hits these days and so he is also going with the judgement of Dil Raju as per the reports. Already, a 25 minutes film has been edited out and the movie is now looking crisper and better as per the reports. 

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