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Saturday 20 October, 2018, 11:58 pm

Director Upset After Watching Agnyaathavasi?

Director Upset After Watching Agnyaathavasi?
As the makers of Pawan Kalyan's "Agnyaathavaasi" have kept a stoic silence on the speculations regarding their film being an 'unofficial' remake of French film, 'Largo Winch', even though rumors erupted that T-Series slapped a legal notice to them, Telugu film lovers have been wondering what the truth could be. Well, here is the response of the director of the French film.

After catching an early show of Agnyaathavaasi in France, the director of Largo Winch said that the plot of the Telugu film was way too similar with his film. "Screening at #LeBrady tonight. Great atmosphere thanks to the audience. I could've loved the movie but unfortunately the plot was too familiar. #LargoWinch #Agnyaathavaasi," he tweeted.

Earlier, when speculations were doing rounds that someone copied his film, he took to Twitter to say that he would speak after watching Agnyaathavaasi. And, he did spoken out his version now.   

Besides, people who have seen both 'Largo Winch' and the early shows of Agnyaathavaasi, have taken to social media and started discussing how a top director like Trivikram could blatantly copy from another film. They allege that Trivikram has lifted the main plot, retained several scenes from the original, and added romantic track and comedy to cater it to Telugu audiences.

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