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Disasters increase My Market: Mahesh Babu

Disasters increase My Market: Mahesh Babu
Generally, The Market of Heroes grow after a successful film. In the case of Mahesh Babu, His market value keeps growing whenever he scores a disaster.

During the recent media interaction, Mahesh Babu said: 'It's really surprising for Me as well. Every time I tasted a disaster, My Market Value has grown. Even I don't have any clue why it happened. 'Spyder' which is releasing after 'Brahmotsavam' has done a pre-release business of Rs 150 crore. My market has grown without my knowledge. I still had no clue why it happened'.

Prince recalled he hasn't done a single film for three years after 'Pokiri' but was able to built a luxury home with the income generated from 12 Ads he signed. 'No other Southern Hero was able to do so,' he claims proudly.

Openings of 'Spyder' gonna set few Non-Baahubali records. Let's be hopeful that this Mahesh-starrer brings profit to all the investors.

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